Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey there!  I am super excited about getting a class iPad from!   It was my first Donor's Choose project & I was amazed by all the support I got from my student's parents & my family & friends.  

I am looking all over Pinterest and the internet for great educational apps but I feel like a lot of them are phonics k-2 apps.  These are nice & beneficial to my kids but I am looking for even more 4th grade apps!  I teach 4th grade reading, so apps for older students would be preferable!  I'm starting stations this week & would really love some iPad ideas for them!  So far I have...

Spelling City
4th grade spelling
Tumble books
Brain pop
Class dojo

I've read that rainbow sentences is a good app too, but it's $7.99, worth it?

I would love any advice about great educational apps you use in your classroom!  Thanks!

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